Use Cases

for Muscle Loss



Clinical studies show that robust lean muscle mass is one of the leading precursors of a long, active life. A 2020 study at the University of California Berkeley showed supplementation with Fortetropin led to a significant increase in the rate of muscle protein synthesis among adults aged 60-75.


Weight Loss

Weight-loss drugs like GLP-1 can be hugely beneficial for many patients. But in addition to losing unwanted fat, patients often lose lean muscle mass during the course of these treatments. An all-natural, low-calorie product like MYOS MD can be a useful product to help retain muscle while undergoing a weight loss regimen.



Anyone who experiences injury or undergoes surgery has the same goal: recover as soon as possible. In order to optimize your recovery, muscle health is of paramount importance. MYOS MD is a great product for patients preparing for/recovering from injury or surgery.



Modern advancements in medicine and technology are leading to longer lives. For those who are interested in exploring the bounds of human longevity and performance, MYOS MD is a product worth your attention. Fortetropin has been used for years by elite athletes from all over the world.



MYOS MD is an all-natural nutritional supplement specially formulated for adults looking to reduce muscle loss associated with aging and disuse.

The proprietary active ingredient in MYOS MD is Fortetropin®, an all-natural bioactive compound derived from raw, fertile chicken egg yolk that has been clinically shown to increase muscle growth, enhance rate of muscle protein synthesis, and lower levels of circulating myostatin.

A practitioner-exclusive product, MYOS MD is the go-to product for doctors with patients who seek to “Age Powerfully.” 

What is Fortetropin?

FORTETROPIN is a revolutionary ingredient, developed by top scientists and researched at some of the finest institutions in the world.

Derived from raw, fertile egg yolk powder, Fortetropin is backed by eight (8) U.S. Patents and six (6) successful clinical trials.

In a 2020 study at the prestigious University of California Berkeley, world renowned muscle health researcher Dr. William Evans measured the efficacy of Fortetropin among men and women aged 60-75. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, Dr. Evans found that the men and women supplementing with Fortetropin experienced on average an 18% increase in muscle protein synthesis vs. the placebo group.

This landmark study was published in the Journal of Gerontology and has been the subject of international lectures given by Dr. Evans.

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How it Works

Fortetropin is clinically shown to help:
Enhance the rate of muscle protein synthesis.

Lower levels of circulating myostatin.

Up-regulates mTOR pathway.

Down-regulates ubiquitin pathway.